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It's time to start living your single life your way, and not waiting around for a relationship to make you happy!

Listed below are the different ways you can work with Chantelle. There's coaching to suit you at every stage of support you need, whilst fitting in with the time and financial commitments you have available. Whichever you choose, you'll be able to build your single life confidence, and 

A one-off 1:1 session to help you deep-dive into your single life, leaving you with clarity on your life and what you want your next steps to be.

Perfect if you:

  • are newly navigating single life

  • are feeling lost or confused

  • want to keep things private and work indivudally

  • have a tight budget and want to pay-as-you-go

A 90-day long group programme to help you develop in the key areas needed to own your single life. 

Perfect if you:

  • want improve your confidence long-term

  • find it useful to hear from others and really know it isn't just you

  • have a good budget but need to make to the most of it

Want to self-navigate your way through single life? Chantelle has resources available to help you on your personal development journey.

Perfect if you:

  • have the time, effort and discipline to do it alone

  • can study, practice and reflect independently

  • have a tight budget and need to keep the cost down

Looking for a speaker on Single Life, Divorce, Dating or Living Alone? Chantelle can speak on panels, give presentations and be interviewed for events.

Perfect if you:

  • are looking for someone fun, energetic and candid to speak at your event

  • want somebody who has experience being divorced their 20s + loves single life


How do I know if you're the right coach for me?

You'll have an opportunity to book a FREE discovery call to speak with me before any coaching begins. You can ask questions during that time and there's no pressure to make a decision at the time. If I doesn't seem like the right fit, then you have to do what's right for you. If you want to find out a little more about me before hand, then you can go to the Chantelle the Coach Instagram page, read the "about" section or read this bio to give you a sense of what I'm all about.

I specialise in working with single women, with those going through the quarter-life crisis or millennials going through divorce and break ups because of my own experiences, BUT I am a trained Life & Success coach which means I can cover a variety of areas if yours doesn't quite fall into the categories above.

How can you help me?

I'm a certified Life & Success coach who has studied and trained coaching in order to support women in the most effective way I can. Coaching empowers YOU to make your decisions and I uses powerful questioning to help pull that out of you. I'll listen carefully and pay attention to what you're REALLY saying to support you through discovering the answers all for yourself, and won't leave any stone unturned (except for any rocks you say you don't want turned!)

I share my wisdom and all that I've learnt on my Instagram page but when you're being coached by me, it's all about YOU, working towards the targets and goals you've set for yourself, and it is completely personalised to you. I'll create a non-judgmental space for you to share your thoughts and ideas, I'll challenge your perspective to get you thinking in ways you might not have thought about before and I'll help you to discover what's inside of you waiting to be unlocked!

How will I know I'll get results from this?

During your discovery call, you and I will discuss what you're looking to work on over the course of the coaching sessions and over the course of the sessions, you'll check in with your progress.

I'll guide you weekly, shifting your perspective, helping you to determine the actions you want to take towards your goals with and hold you accountable each week - BUT the work comes down to you to implement.

If something isn't working, that can be explored. If you're not doing what you say you're going to do, I can dig deep into that with you. All of this is still progress towards understanding what's getting in your way, to building your confidence and moving forwards in your life! 

And if you don't believe it from me, then you can read it here from past clients on the testimonials page.

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