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Chantelle the Coach

Hello, hi, yes, I'm Chantelle, late-twenty-something year-old from Essex. 

I'm a trained & certified Jay Shetty Certified Life & Success Coach operating as a  Single Life Empowerment Coach. I love to help singles get confident in their single life so they can stop stressing about their relationship status and start actually enjoying their single life!

If you're interested in why I do what I do, and what's got me to this point today, here's a bit of my story from my becoming a divorced millennial at the age of 26:

I had everything that you're supposed to have to be happy. In 2019, I had a three-bedroom house with annexe, a marriage, two new enough cars, a pet rabbit that I loved and pet rescue dog who I adored and a job I loved.

But it wasn't ALL for me. It wasn't doing what it said I should on the tin, I "should" be happier than this right now and I wasn't. I couldn't even tell you what I was because I was feeling very little. I wasn't very present. And whilst I was busy in terms of schedule and social in that schedule, I felt so, so, SO alone.


I didn't know what to do, and the best I had was to scrap a lot of it and work it all out again. Because at the time, I didn't know what I wanted, nor could I deal with the pressures I felt around me (which may have been more in my head that they were in reality, but that's where I was!) to decide what I wanted. 

And so I moved back home, separated, no longer with my pets, and whilst I still had my job (that I love and adored and still do to this day), I realised I had thrown myself so far into that job as a way of keeping busy and distracted, and I wasn't actually addressing how I was feeling inside.

 I can say all this now but had no which way to explain it back then. It's taken a lot of work - counselling, meditation, self-help books, personal development podcasts, the lot... I immersed myself in getting to know me, improving myself and working out who I was. 

It has been a journey and a half over these past two years and I'm still going of course. I have gained more perspective and clarity with each and every day. In April 2020, I started a coaching certification course. I didn't actually aim to become a coach - I wanted the experience of going through the process and wanted to continue helping people each and every day.


Two years have gone by and now I'm ready to help MORE people. And in this case, it's to help inspire and motivate those that are single, possibly going through their quarter-life crisis (a phase it turns out I know all too well now, and followed the textbook response to!) to decide what they want their lives to look like, work towards inner confidence of self, rather than confidence based on approval of others and help millennials and Gen Z-ers to live a valid lifestyle that they flourish and thrive in each and every day.

My Mission

My overall mission is to empower women to define their lives without fear of judgement, lack of self-esteem or obsessing over perfectionism so that they can unlock their potential and thrive in life with confidence.

Every bit of work I put together, in whichever format, will always be looking to give back, support, educate, inspire and provide opportunities for women and girls to express their inner selves, to work out what's holding them back and to support them to overcome fears of rejection, feelings of anxiety and to leave the desire for an unattainable perfectionism behind.


I want to encourage women and girls to know who they are, who they want to be and what they really want, and to get there by going for it from the minute they see that vision with conviction, drive and dedication to make it happen, facing all the challenges that come along the way.

Influence & Inspiration

Since I began this journey of personal development, there have been lots of great thought leaders that have inspired me and that I've learnt from through blog posts, podcasts and courses. Here's a few names of those influences and their work that have shaped my thinking and the way I see the world today.


Jay Shetty

Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Tom Bilyeu

Marie Forleo

Simon Sinek

James Clear

Jim Kwik

Russell Brand

Steven Bartlett

Johann Hari

Mel Robins 

Matthew Hussey

Mark Groves

Brene Brown

The Multiamory Podcast team - Dedeker, Emily & Jace


  • The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho

  • Atomic Habits - James Clear

  • The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz

  • The End of Average - Todd Rose

  • I'm Worth More - Rob Moore

  • The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek

  • Leaders Eat Last - Simon Sinek

  • Limitless - Jim Kwik

  • Lost Connections - Johann Hari

  • Option B - Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant

  • Recovery - Russell Brand

  • Start Now, Get Perfect Later - Rob Moore

  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** - Mark Manson

  • Think Like A Monk - Jay Shetty

  • You Are A Badass - Jen Sincero

  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari

Courses & Certification

Jay Shetty's Certification School

Start With Why

Dating 101

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