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Learn to date with confidence!

Discover how to date with an anxious attachment style so you can finally break the cycle of dating all the wrong guys! 

Dating with confidence is hands-down the most effective way to overcome your anxious attachment style so that you can set boundaries, put your time into the right guys and enjoy the dating process! 

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  • Get the Confidence and Know-How to manage your anxious attachment style so you can stop riding the rollercoaster of emotions and avoid wasting time on guys that trigger you.

  • Learn How to Take Conversations deeper in order to cut the small talk and create meaningful connections with potential dates.

  • Attract Ideal Dates who are emotionally intelligent, interested in you and actually looking for a relationship!

What you're getting inside my Back To Dating programme:


Back to Dating is a programme that walks you through the exercises to get confident in yourself, your understanding of other people, and the dating scene so that you can stop your anxious attachment style getting you stuck on all the wrong guys!

  • 7 weekly calls, lasting 40-45 minutes each

(generally: Tuesday at 8pm GMT)

  • A small group of women wanting to embrace their single life

  • 1 x 30-minute 1:1 calls 

Module 1:

Understanding Yourself

  • What love and relationships mean to you

  • Your values + expectations for a relationship

  • Your non-negotiables

Module 2:

Understanding Others

  • Love Languages and Attachment Styles

  • Effective communication in Dating

  • Understanding men!

Module 3:

Understanding Dating

  • The history of love, dating and relationships

  • The current dating scene and how to work with it

  • Stepping into Single Life

Why you can no longer afford to date without next-level confidence!
  • Without confidence, you don't know how to set boundaries and hold them. You'll let your anxious attachment style behaviour keep you latching onto people early on and stay in situationships way longer than you should!

  • You'll keep dating all the wrong guys, thinking that they'll change and eventually give you what 

  • Dating with confidence stops you from determining your success in dating 

How Much Does Single Life Confidence cost?


The mistake most people make is that they think the "self-help" route is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective it can be. 

Or worse, they spend money investing in hundreds of different courses that apply generally but don't really get single life, and don't piece together. 

If you're like me, you want to take action of your own life now, without having to put the time in to finding all the best parts to piece together, and without lots of trial and error. The only solution is to follow a mapped out plan that takes you through the core concepts of confidence in your single life! 

And this is your chance to learn from me so you can skyrocket your learning curve in little time.

And you can join the next cohort of 90 Days to Single Life Confidence for just 2 instalments of £174 (or pay in full for £299 and save!)


Single at Christmas Workshop

  • If you sign up before 7.30pm GMT on Tuesday 13th December, you'll be able to take part in my Single at Christmas LIVE online workshop to help you get through the festive period, tackling the awkward family convos and how to keep busy.

Bonus #2:

1:1 Sort Your Single Life Out Session

  • Booking before the 1st January 2023 will get you an additional 1:1 session that starts before the course. These 1:1 let you explore the different areas of your single life out and help you decide what action to take next!


"I feel more inspired to creatively look for ways to meet new people which could lead to friendships or dates."

December 2022


I can do more things on my own and not need to wait for friends. I can enjoy things by myself and not miss out on experiences"

December 2022


Get started with Single Life Confidence and enroll today!
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