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Coaching Testimonials

From the people I've had the opportunity to coach, hear it from them!


"Chantelle helped me work through a situation at work that I was feeling a little bit anxious about. After our conversation I felt so much more balanced and confident about the conversations I had ahead of me. I instantly felt at ease talking to Chantelle and she challenged me in a positive way by asking me questions that really made me think. I loved her energy and and the space that she created for me to address whatever I wanted to talk about."

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"I completed a number of sessions with Chantelle, covering various topics. Chantelle made me feel comfortable to be open and share my thoughts and feelings in a safe space. Her calm and gentle aura allowed me to be vulnerable and express my thoughts out loud, without feeling judged. From completing these sessions with her, I was able to gain more clarity on my life and figure out the tools to help me overcome the issues I was going through."

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"Chantelle coached me regarding self-esteem within relationships. Chantelle really helped me dig deep inside myself, asking me questions that helped me to think/use a perspective I wouldn't on my own. She made me feel confident and supported and the session has helped me to have a more positive mindset."

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"I went into my coaching session with questions re: the topic that was pressing on my mind. I really felt that Chantelle asked great open ended questions that helped me further dig deep down to the root of the issue. In my one hour session I definitely felt we had come up with a solution for my issue and I felt really good after my session with her."



"Chantelle coached me on confidence and I could dive deep with her help. I was able to understand my beliefs on confidence that were limiting and making me feel withdrawn. Chantelle helped me to broaden my thoughts on confidence and it helped me kickstart my own business. Overcoming fears and judgements became my habit!!! I am so thankful to Chantelle for adding to my life story."

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