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The Single Girls Club by Chantelle the Coach: The place to celebrate single life, together!

All too often I hear single women feeling like they're left behind because they're the only single one left in their friendship group. As a result, you spend all your time focussing on dating (and what a disappointment that can be at times!) and you end up feeling hopeless and dejected that it's never gonna happen and you can't possibly be happy as everyone else until it does. 

And that's where you might have it wrong!

Whilst getting into a relationship and finding a partner can be a rewarding thing, we can't magically make that happen (despite all your good efforts) and being single isn't the problem; it's the way you're made to feel about being single. 

And it isn't really about finding a boyfriend; as one of my favourite quotes from my favourite books 'Lost Connetions' by Johann Hari goes: "Loneliness isn't the absence of other people, he said, it's the sense that you're not sharing anything meaningful with anybody else". That means it isn't necessarily about getting into a relationship, it's having people to share your life with!

As a solution to that, I created The Single Girls Club, the community for single women to find other single women that GET what it's like being single, and to help single women make new friends to and to be able to share their single lives with them! 

Whether you can join us in person at a mixer event or getaway, or if the online community suits you more, all single girls are welcome in The Single Girls Club by Chantelle the Coach.

TSGC Online

The online community including discussion boards, monthly Zoom meetings, and weekly Q&As, all alongside a group of other single women to connect and make friends with.

TSGC Mixer Events

Taking place across London, Essex and Manchester, get ready for social events that give you the chance to meet other single women at our mixer events so you can walk away with a new single pal!


To help you get through those challenging times of the year, we run Single Girl's Getaways across NYE and ahead of Valentine's Day so you aren't alone during those testing times!

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