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It's time to kickstart your single life!

Break free from your old dating patterns, avoid emotionally unavailable men and stop relying on having a partner to be "complete".


Instead, focus on your self-worth, your friendships and what makes YOU happy and then you can find a man who meets your standards and is worth of your time and energy.

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Whilst you might dream of the perfect man appearing in your life and the settling down and family that will follow, you're probably here because the pressure of being in your 30s (or near to it!) is looming yet you aren't doing any of the things you thought you would be doing right now. 

Everyone around you is getting engaged, married or having children yet you can't just *magic* those things to happening. They take time, commitment and in the most traditional sense, require two people to do it.


You're stressed, worried and unsettled that this might NEVER happen for you. That you'll be the spinster that never got married, the one that stands in the corner of family parties and is still approached by that uncle that just HAS to ask... "So, when's it going to be your turn?" 

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And that's why I'm here to help you kickstart your single life!

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Gone are those dating apps, the mind-numbing scrolling and the 2462941 conversations that start with "Hey, hows u?", or even worse "Business or pleasure?" when you're obviously there for business... And instead I'm going to help you break the cycle of heading back onto those dating apps and falling into the same old habits of dating men that just aren't good enough for you, so that you can be free, happy and enjoy your life as it is right now (or what you make it to be) before you attract that perfect partner later! 

You're probably dubious at the words above, worried that this feeling of uncertainty and panic of finding someone now so that you can crack on creating your ideal future will always be here, and that you'll be lonely forever if you're not putting yourself out there on the dating apps. But I can assure you that developing confidence in yourself and securing your independence as a single woman, as well as knowing who you really are deep down and where you truly belong is the key to actually getting the things you want in your life, and that guy you dream of will show up at just the right time - though he'll have to make a bloody good impression because by then, you'll be so strong and confident in yourself, so clear on what you're doing and careful with your time and energy, that he'll have to be completely and utterly worth giving some of that up for!

So if you want to break the cycle, be free from the handcuffs of dating apps and finding a man to be happy and want to start enjoying your life right now, even as a single lady, then let's get started! 


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