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5 Compatibility Checks Do In Dating To Ensure A Long-Lasting Relationship

In dating, everyone seems to focus on connection. You go off the connection you had with someone during a first date, which really means you had enough things in common to relate to one another, had some similar interests and there was just a "vibe" that meant it felt like you knew each other well. And if it isn't connection, it's chemistry. The electricity that appears between two people that can be felt, hopefully by both of you.

But there's one crucial factor that often gets overlook but is the key component to build a relationship on and that's compatibility - the degree to which two people are able to coexist, grow, and thrive together.

And this shouldn't require significant change from either person to make the relationship work. This is the natural combination of two lives fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle, with a couple of edges that might need a bit of smoothing or filling out to adapt to a good fit - not cutting off sections to make the two pieces fit together.

For that reason, once you've established you like this person and decide you want to look further into their potential, it's important to think about a variety of factors that can impact the success of the relationship long-term. Below, I've put together a list of 5 compatibility checks to help you to answer the question "is this person really the right person for a long-term relationship with me?"