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The Single Life Mindset You Need to Stop Obsessing Over Dating

It's easy to associate being back in a relationship with being okay again, being successful, and being on track with everybody else in your age group...

But using the idea of getting back into a relationship to fill the void of not feeling good enough, and to take the pain away isn't actually going to help you. It doesn't solve the discomfort we have with ourselves, or take the feeling of insecurity away.

When you become single, it feels like society puts the pressure on you to get back straight into a relationship as soon as possible. Assumptions are made that you're not going to remain single, that you don't want to stay single and that the longer you're single, the unhappier you'll be. The underlying narrative is that you'll be happy again once you're back in a relationship, and our vulnerability to believe that is played on by every dating company running targeted ads to encourage us back onto the apps again.