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Cuffing Season is HERE: Here's what it means and how to navigate it when you're dating

What is cuffing season?

No, it's not a new kink trend you're missing out on as you might initially have thought of when you heard the words "cuffing"! Cuffing season begins in the autumn and winter months, running from October into the New Year, sometimes as far as into March. It's the concept that refers to "cuffing" yourself to someone to couple up with and get through the cold, cosy season, with less of an intention of a long-term relationship. It's for snuggling up, sitting by the fire and enjoying the company of someone through the season.

What are the advantages of "cuffing season"?

The ultimate purpose of cuffing season is to get through the winter months without the commitment of a long-term relationship. During this time, the days are shorter and people tend to spend more time indoors which as a single, can bring on a dip in social interaction and an increased time in the time spent alone. But cuffing season offers the opportunity for companionship during these darker, winter months and having the intimacy and closeness between two people.

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