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Getting Through Winter As A Single Person

Are you dreading the thought of being single during the winter? Do you find yourself feeling down in the dumps when you see all the couples getting cozy by the fireplace? If so, you’re not alone. The winter can be a tough time for people who are single. The shorter days and darker mornings can make you feel lonely and isolated whilst Christmas and the holiday season can be a reminder of your relationship status. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom!

There are plenty of things that you can do to make the most of the winter months, even if you’re flying solo. From embracing the festive season to taking advantage of the shorter days, there are plenty of opportunities to make the winter months special. So if you’re feeling a bit down about being single this winter, read on for some tips on how to be single during winter and to make the most of this time of year!

1) Make the most of the daylight hours

In the winter months, the shorter days can leave us feeling tired and run down so being savvy and planning ahead for how you can actually get some sunlight will counteract that. Consider taking a brisk walk during your lunch time break, or just pop out to the shops. Not only will you benefit from the sunlight but the chill in the air might wake you up before the lunchtime slump too, and for those that are working from home, or are otherwise tempted to work through your lunch break, you'll be giving yourself the hard-earned break you deserve.

If you don't have an opportunity to leave and the hours are limited, you could try a SAD light. These lights are designed to simulate the sunlight as a way of boosting the mood of those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

2) Invite friends over for dinner

With the cost-of-living crisis compounding the effect of people staying indoors over the winter months, this is the perfect opportunity to make the best of a bad situation and arrange for dinner dates with your friends. Whether you take it in turns, or decide to make the cooking a paired activity, it's one night a week you can do something "normal" and don't have to do it on your own, all without the extra cost of going out for food or getting a takeaway in.

3) Talk about it

These winter months aren't easy! I find this time of year really difficult too, and whilst I'd love to be able to change my perspective and the story around how I view the winter months, they roll around and those shorter days get to me. But one of my surefire ways to get through it is to talk to others about how I'm feeling. Often, it's to express the frustration or sadness, but in return, I often hear how my friends also feel the same way, which then helps to get the ball rolling with point Number 2!

4) Meet new people

Despite people tending to stay indoors, it's important to keep your social connections up as winter can bring on feelings of loneliness. As much as dinner dates with our friends can be added to the diary, adding new friends to our lives can also bring new experiences, perspectives and support to our network. There are plenty of winter-time events to get involved with (not forgetting our Single Girls Club Mixers and getaways) that allow you to find people with similar backgrounds, opinions, or interests.

5) Practice your self-care routines

With more time indoors, focussing on yourself at a time where going out-and-about is less encouraged means making the most of the time. you have. Self-care goes beyond bubble baths - it's about looking at your physical and mental wellbeing and prioritising those in your schedule. Morning routines are great. forgetting focussed ahead of your day, and evening routines can be introduced to help you wind down and unpack the events that have happened. A deep-dive into getting to know yourself and the way you interact with the world - whether it's journalling, reading, or listening to a new podcast, there's so much information to help you discover more about you and start looking after yourself more effectively.

6) Put something in the diary to look forward to

Winter feels ENDLESS! And the countdown to winter solstice on the 21st December can't come soon enough. But rather than counting down to the days getting longer again, put something in your diary for you that will keep you motivated and looking forwards to different days throughout the winter and not just sitting there waiting for summer to return. Find a concert, join a wreath-making class, or even join us on the NYE getaway - find something you can look ahead to when the days get tough and you know that event is on the horizon.

Being single in the winter doesn't have to all be doom and gloom. Keep all of the above in mind; prioritise yourself, make time for friends and get a Single Girls Club event or getaway booked as something to look forward to in your diary!


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