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Getting Your Needs Met As A Single & Using Your Single Life For Exploration - with Alex (Part 1)

In this week's episode, I was joined by Alex, from Digitastic, to discuss what it's like to be single and run your own business. In the first part of her interview, Alex tells us how she keeps up with her friends and her different approach to relationships that allows her to get her needs met, without being in a committed relationship.

Chantelle: Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Single Girl's Guide to Life, your weekly guide single life living in your 20s, 30s and 40s. I'm Chantelle Dyson a single life confidence coach helping single women to embrace their single life and this week we are inviting on a very special guest to share their experience of being single with you, so it's not just me having a little chat away as it always has been for a long while. We've had a couple of interview episodes previously with Cheryl Muir and Rosie Leach but this week we are going to be speaking to Alex.

Alex is a small business owner running a tech support company and she has been single for five years. She is part of the single girls club both online, has been there in person and is joining us on our getaways as well and we've had a great number of chats in The Single Girls Club Online which is why I wanted to bring her on the podcast to share some of the conversations that sometimes, is just me and Alex, and some of the things that come up in some of the text chats that she's continued to support and be part of and making those friendships and celebrating single life together. So a big welcome to you, Alex, how are you doing?

Alex: Thank you! It's really lovely to be here and sometimes you forget like how nice it is to talk to other people that just understand you and I think that's that's why I like being here because it's like you actually get what it's like in its entirety whereas when you talk to other people they kind of get it but they don't get it and that's like a massive thing.